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3D printing is our latest area of business. Since the end of 2018 a diverse range of prototypes, trays, holders and sample parts has been manufactured. Compared to conventional production methods time and cost savings are significant. Especially in times of short product life cycles, JIT production, tight run times of projects and products of growing complexity efficient and resource-saving manufacturing methods become increasingly important.       

What is 3D printing suitable for

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process and falls into the category of "Rapid Prototyping". 3D models of sample parts are produced by means of digital design drawings. Apart from "Rapid Prototyping" (manufacture of sample parts) a distinction is made between "Rapid Tooling" (tool making) and "Rapid Manufacturing" (rapid & flexible manufacturing). The main focus is on the term "rapid", i.e. fast/expeditious. Often it takes only hours from the drawing to the finished item. It is thus possible to implement more iterations than by conventional procedures. 


Prototypes can be made within just a few hours based on design drawings thus hugely cutting the development times for products and processes.


Because of the rapid production of individual parts by 3D printing it is possible to make parts for small-scale series within a minimum of time and the optimization of material and quality takes up less time.


A 3D model can be built by means of a design drawing which can then be used to print sample parts or spare parts. 


Even highly complex components where conventional manufacturing methods reach their limits, can be made by 3D printing.

We would be glad to help you

It is not always easy to make the right choice when it comes to selecting the printing method, materials and CAD programs. In addition to that the development of know-how is very time-consuming and costly.

We provide expert advice on how to create CAD drawings, choose the right materials and assist you during the entire project cycle.  

Make use of our know-how:
  • Consulting: Our team provides advice on all issues of 3D printing.
  • Project support: We provide professional and target-oriented support from the printing of individual components through to complex product launches. 
  • Reverse engineering (from item to CAD drawing)
  • Print preparation and processing of finished CAD drawings. 
  • Printing of prototypes and small series.

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Advantages of 3D printing

Material-friendly and resource-savingCost-effective and time-savingLarge variety of materialsEnvironmentally friendlyEfficiency increase

Excellent results are achieved over the entire life cycle of a product with relatively little effort. If, for example, a spare part is required for a machine that is no longer available, 3D printing can help in every phase of development.

  • Material-friendly and resource-saving
  • Cost-effective and time-saving 
  • Large variety of materials
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Efficiency increase

1) Reverse Engineering

If no design drawings are available for the spare part, it needs to be measured or scanned. CAD programs suitable for 3D printing significantly facilitate drawing and provide useful forms of relief.

1) Reverse Engineering

2) Prototype phase

As soon as the first drawing is available, the first prototypes are produced and examined. Because of the great variety of materials and printing processes the initial models are extremely cost-effective and readily available. Design faults can be detected at an early stage and remedied.

3) Preparation of small series

As soon as the prototype is ready for production, optimizations are made to materials, processes and product quality. Compared to conventional processes, these optimizations take less time and can therefore take place on a larger scale.

3) Preparation of small series

4) Small series

After start of production permanent improvements as to quality, fit and durability can be made to perfect the component.

5) Transfer to large-scale production

If the component has stood the test, it is transferred to large-scale production. 3D printing may be used, for example, to produce complex shapes for production machinery.

5) Transfer to large-scale production


Printing methods and materials

Meanwhile there exists a multitude of methods of most different development stages and dissemination. Identical materials are always processed in a similar manner. Relatively little effort is needed to achieve a very good result by 3D printing and that throughout the life cycle of a product. If, for example, a spare part is required for a machine that is no longer available, 3D printing can be applied to produce it quickly and cost-effectively in the required quality. 


Applications of 3D printing

The possibilities of parts production on a 3D printer are almost unlimited. 3D printing is often applied in areas where there is a great need for special components and prototypes.


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Applications of 3D Printing

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