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3D printing of prototypes

Prototypes can be made within just a few hours based on design drawings.
The drawing is used to produce a 3D model which can then be printed by various printing methods.

You need functional or geometrically complex prototypes, simplified display models or design samples of your planned products or components?
You want to test a new design before the tools are made and produced in costly high volumes?

To cut your Time-to-Market and reduce development costs, your prototypes are made by Rapid Prototyping using
different materials (plastic material, metal & plaster).  

3D printing of

The finished parts will convince you by their reproduction accurate to every detail, dimensional stability and thermal stability. Even delicate prototypes can be manufactured where other (abrasive) techniques fail.

  • Faster & more cost-effective prototypes
  • Just-in-time production
  • Choice of materials according to the intended application
  • Support of your design-to-cost process
  • Functional and complex models
  • High flexibility of prototyping process
  • Free-form geometries
  • Customization of models


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